i-am-that-i-am.jpgIn the mid '90s I began a journey that changed my life: the process of awakening.

Through the School of Universal Energy (and other ways, teachers and techniques) I started to get in touch with my intuition and to see, to feel, the Inner Self and the Body of Light even in other people and in the outside world.
This channel is manifested outwardly in my intuition, that I use/used in my Poems, Massages, Dance and Creativity. Also in some kind of jobs (creating teams; street artist; creating performances; with children especially with the 'new' children).

 Then, my spiritual journey continued until I met Crimson Circle with Tobias, Kuthumi and Adamus Saint Germain. Here I found three of my favourite techniques that I love: conscious breath, "merabh" and dreamwalk.



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