Intuitive and Creative Dance



TheOneDance. Let express your Self and allow you to feel and live your own multidimensionality and awareness through dance.

Private lessons or creation of courses and workshops to experiment YourSelf in the dance, let your mind go and meet own Inner through the free movement of the body, allowing the Spirit to flow. 

It is not necessary to be dancers or age limit but, only, afford to be awarepresent and give yourself an opportunity to experience as genuine incarnate divinities.
The dance also serves to move the stagnant energies and release emotional blocksto allow potentials to come into our lives.
The conscious breathing and creating a sacred space and multidimensional New Energy will open each meeting intuitive dance.

I am the facilitator. My work is to facilitate all this and through intuition and feeling your inner self to perceive any inner work targeted for each individual participant.


  • It's for all those who are interested in working with own body, starting from the breath and intuitive impulse to discover, renew and expand own expressive and creative possibilities.

It is a dance where you flow into your present NOW moment, whithout thinking of the movements, just flowing into the natural movement of your body, where you automaticly expand yourself with help from the rythems and your breath. This course is less talk and lots of flow of energy, after a few minutes you will feel that all thoughts of how you look like at the dance floor will disapair to the dance of your own soul. TheOneDance will put you in a mood where you will be amazed that you can't stop dancing, the movements will be more and more free, and while the body get warm you will allow the body to move even more. You will be letting go of all self judgments about you and your body. You will see that this great energy movements will give you deep breathing and new energy on all levels. This makes you move trough lots of stucked energies without any analysis or any thought of What is leaving your body. After this weekend you will feel the constant flow from your inner body.


It possible to create specific courses: 

  • For artists and sportpersons who use tools, or instruments, for their training, their shows, their disciplines (for example: balls, clubs, contact, fire, etc ..., or trapeze, hoop, rope, tissue, etc ... or motorbike, bike, car, etc...). To contact the inner space through own body and own tool, allowing time of feeling, of perception, of expansion to awaken possibilities of expression.

Looking for and creating fluidity of movement and creating pathos and empathy between artist/sportperson and tools, because the tools and instruments are extending the energy of the artist/sportperson. It will create a sacred space for the new awareness between person and object. It's not just to find a physical space, but an energetic space, an energetic relationship with the instruments. Have you ever wondered how is your object? Or have you ever asked it him/her? What would it desire to express or experience?

Immagination shouldn't be used to escape from reality, but to create it (Zewale Roveda)

It's "don't think, use your senses". And to do all this not in going to try the feeling or the creative energy or the creative action but, on the contrary, in allowing it to arrive. Allow and have total trust in the body and in the instrument experiencing what happens in the Now Moment.


The instrument has a deep relationship with the artist/sportperson in this sacred space: it's possible to bring new energies and discover new potentials (also with conscious breath, "merabh" and "dreamealking"), to use own imagination (as sensation/feeling and not as forced visualisation) and own creative energies to see how they manifest themself in this reality. Discovering that it's possible to be conscious creators in the New Energy (New Energy doesn't have a specific pattern because it doesn't contain the duality). 

You can experience the Own Tools Yoga, by my inspiration (*). The Own Tools Yoga is a slow personal spontaneous sequences of poses in which, through own intuition,  the body of consciousness, creative energies and tools create static and moving poses/positions in the "Now Moment". If you practice it every day, you will observe/notice/feel that the routine and positions are not always the same, just because our consciousness (and in this case also the awareness of the tools) changes very quickly... if you just think about how fast our cells regenerate every day!


  • For ballroom dancers. The objective of this course is to let the dancers can perceive and feeling each other and that together, in the total feeling, they can create something of magic. Many times people dance in pairs, but without regard to the patner and what that might arise from a "nice" dance; not only use the technique.


  • For children


I travel where the lessons or courses are required. 
I need a minimum number of participants, wi-fi, amplification of the sound, a big room (80-100 mq; if the room is smaller, the number of participants decreases) with the floor to allow dancing without shoes. On request it is possible to have a musician with percussions live music.
Contact me for other information, details, organization and costs.


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