Live Writing Intuitive Poems

shaumbrainspired-tm.jpgI directly write live intuitive and sensitive, energetic, empathetic, personal poems,using feeling the Inner Self.

The divine side is the inner self in all of us, is our perfection, our highest being , the highest vision of ourselves, our unlimited being.
 the Self arrive me a picture, a sound, a feeling, or a scent which then transformed into poetry.
The poem, therefore, is very personal and never equal to another just because it is based on the uniqueness of each.

The poem is a tool to get in touch with yourself. Every time it's a surprise!

This is an opportunity to connect with yourself and with your inner and outer journey.

You can request private sessions via email or skype:


For sessions by email: you are invited to write your name and surname.  These data are only for poem and after the written poetry by me they will be deleted.  This service also includes a second contact in the poem if you receive information that you need some clarification or further information.

The service is under donation (recommended €20) via PayPal or via Italian PostePay card No. 40236004 4426 3901 headed to Marzia Neggia.
After the donation you will receive an e-mail with a poem in pdf format (this will allow you to print it if you wish) and it will be sent within 48 hours of notification of the donation.

For sessions via skype: These sessions lis about half an hour. It is audio only, and it will be recorded for later download. You will also receive an email poetry in pdf format.

We will gently breathe together, to create a sacred space (you can also go to an unlimited place called Anything Is Possible), and get to write poetry and get more information if there is a need.
The service is under donation (recommended € 30) via PayPal or via Italian PostePay card No. 4023 6004 4426 3901 headed to Marzia Neggia.
Once you have donated, please send me an email with your name, surname and location (because if you live outside Italy, I need to know the local time). And my goal is to schedule the call within a week. Do not hesitate to contact me to confirm a date prior to your donation if you like.


For Paypal, please go to this page

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